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Hello! Below is Some Recent Work.


Stylized Session | Evan and her Horse

I was super excited for this session.  I mean the beautiful black horse, Evan’s gorgeous dress, flower band,View full post »

Families | Jack & His Mommy

Anyone who has met this mommy once knows how amazing she is!  And her little guy is all boy and seriously adorable.  IView full post »

Senior | Morgan

I had a blast at Morgan’s session.   She was just so cool, sweet, and easy going.  And after spending some timeView full post »

Families | The Hostetlers

I was super excited for this session.  The light was beautiful and I got to spend time with a friend and her adorableView full post »

Families | The Robinsons

My goodness, these little boys were so adorable!   Seriously so cute and that little Corbyn had such a fun personalityView full post »

Families | The Lute Sisters

How cool is this?  I just loved that these three sisters wanted to take these photos!  It was such a fun session andView full post »

Kiddos | Josslyn & Evee

Yep!  I think I might have the cutest nieces ever!  I always look forward to take photos of my family.  Just loveView full post »

Babies | 6 Month Old Rowan

Seriously, cutest baby ever! Believe or not, it was pretty cold when we quickly did Rowan’s session and a stormView full post »

Babies | 10 Day Old Drake

Ohh my goodness I couldn’t get over how tiny and adorable little Drake was.  I was so grateful and super nervousView full post »

Families | The Feik Family

IWe had such a beautiful sunset evening for the Feik session!  They were up for anything, including a muddy river atView full post »

Kiddos | The Corman Kiddos

What a great start to the 4th of July holiday with these adorable kiddos!  I swear as they grow they even get moreView full post »

Families | The Olsen Family

This was such a fun session for me!  And I say for me, because I don’t always know what my clients think but IView full post »

Kiddos | Brecken

I just love taking pictures of family.  It’s such a great excuse to see them and I love editing them.  BreckenView full post »

Families | The Rupp Family

Ohh my goodness, isn’t this such a gorgeous mama and child?  I was super excited for this session.  The RuppsView full post »

Maternity | The Atwoods

I had so much fun at this session!  Beth took us to some gorgeous private land and I was in heaven!!  The Atwoods areView full post »

Families | The Abramson Family

I got to meet the Abramson family last Friday and it was a blast.  They were all so sweet and laid back and luckily weView full post »

Families | The Witte Family

This was the first time I met the Witte family and I have to say they are just so awesome!  I had so much fun at thisView full post »

Families | The Nothern Family

This session was super fun for me!  I just love families with 3 little girls because it’s the same dynamics IView full post »

Families | The Poss Ladies

Aren’t these ladies just gorgeous?  You can certainly see where they got it from.  I have seriously never met aView full post »

Babies | 3 Month Old Atley

Ohh my goodness, cutest 3 month old baby ever!  Atley is just gorgeous!  That amazing hair and those big eyes, she isView full post »

Families | The Griebel Family

Aren’t these two little guys the cutest?  Not only that, they are so well-behaved and sweet.  Thank you so muchView full post »

Families | The McConahay Family

Gosh, that little Zoey had literally just turned two and she was talking to me in full sentences.  I just couldn’View full post »

BABIES | 12 Day Old Eva

“Every good and perfect gift is from above” James 1:17a  Little Eva couldn’t have been more good orView full post »

Families | Kyle, Heather, and Hadlei

One month until these two tie the knot and I couldn’t be more happy for them!  Just love Kyle and so happy heView full post »

Families | The Daake Family

Gosh, isn’t this little guy so adorable?  And at 6 months he really has a big personality and literally did notView full post »

Families | The Sellers

I was super excited and nervous for this session!  It is always great to be asked to take another photographer’sView full post »

Families | The Romatzke Family

I really look forward to any session with this family.  They are both so easy going and just really kind people.  AndView full post »

Babies | 10 Day Old Kamrath Twins

This was my first newborn twin session so needless to say I was super excited and super nervous.  These sweet babiesView full post »

Families | The Hock Family

I always look forward to seeing this family.  Brittany is a really good friend from high school and I love every excuseView full post »

Families | The Serbousek Family

Isn’t this family just gorgeous?  I think Anna is probably the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen.  View full post »

Babies | Kaden!

Kaden was the cutest!  He has these huge round gorgeous blue eyes and blond hair and had so many cute expressions.  View full post »

Babies | Marissa is One!

I can honestly say this little lady is one of my most photogenic clients.  Not only is she super adorable, she also hasView full post »

Babies | Jack is One & Adorable

Isn’t this little guy so adorable?  In his jeans and lil’ Sperrys.  It got pretty cold at the end of ourView full post »

Babies | 13 Day Old Chance

This session was so much fun for me!  Chance slept so good and even when he was awake, he just looked around all cuteView full post »

Babies | 11 Day Old Atley

Atley was so tiny and seriously one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!  She had gorgeous dark hair and  IView full post »

Babies | Sweet Maya

Isn’t Maya adorable?  I just loved all her expressions!   We had to be quick because she was fast and didn’View full post »

Babies | Mason is One!

Mason is ONE! And isn’t he adorable??  His whole session he was smiling and didn’t care what we put him inView full post »

2013 | Looking back

Gosh, I reflect back on my first year and just feel so blessed and fortunate to be here.   Taking pictures of familiesView full post »

Kiddos | The Corman Children

I have always gotten pretty excited when these kiddos’s mother has contacted me to do photos for them.  First,View full post »

Babies | 13 Day Old Aiden

This little guy did wonderful and slept for almost 2 hours!  I didn’t want the session to end; it was so much funView full post »

Babies | 11 Day old Rowan

I really just love this family.  Maura is one of my favorite people and I always look forward to seeing her and now sheView full post »

Babies | Evie turns 1!

Well I don’t think Evie thought much of the studio but she sure looked pretty dang cute.  This age just makes meView full post »

Babies | 3 Day Old Maxon

Ohh my goodness Maxon was so tiny, adorable, and already loved his momma.  And he has some big sisters that really loveView full post »

Families | The Quandts

This was such a fun session!  The Quandt kiddos are just so dang cute, fun, and did whatever I asked and above!  WeView full post »

Families | The Edward Family

I was super excited for this session because I just love this family and the weather was amazing so late in the yearView full post »

Families | The Hudnalls

I just think the world of this family.  Kara and Chad are both so kind and welcoming and AMAZING parents.  It wasView full post »

Families | The Seim Family

I just love this family and always so excited to take their photos.  Maddox couldn’t be more fun and adorable andView full post »

Families | The McMahon-Lenz Family

I don’t think I have met a more tight knit family.  They have been through it all and are so blessed to have eachView full post »

Babies | Lil’ Ben

This little guy was just so cute!!  I had to resist from squeezing him the whole session.  (I try not to touch babiesView full post »

Families | The Gewecke Family

I just couldn’t get over how cute the Gewecke girls were and just loved their outfits.  It was really cold andView full post »

Families | The Maders

Doesn’t this look like so much fun!!  Four super sweet little girls.  I was so excited for this session.  JustView full post »

Families | The Dutoit Family

I just think Dutoit kiddos are so adorable and all have their own “look” and personality!  The boys are soView full post »

Families | The Romshek Family

This is my beautiful cousin and her sweet little family.  It’s so fun to see your good friends become moms andView full post »

Families | The Stoll Family

This family was a hoot!  Usually I start off sessions with posed photos until we all get comfortable enough to getView full post »

Families | The Ostrand Family Extended

Gosh this family was awesome.  They are the kind of family that when they meet for the holidays or whatever, you knowView full post »

Families | The Cormans

4 month old twins and a 2 year old!  I can’t imagine how busy these parents lives are yet they make it look soView full post »

Families | The Mooberrys

We had a cloudy day, really cold wind, freezing little boys, and one that was TERRIFIED of me (Teddy) and this is whatView full post »

Families | The Geist Family

I was really looking forward to this session.  I lived with Katie my freshman year in collage and I don’t knowView full post »

Families | Victor/Green Family

When I met Matt and Katie I knew they were just super genuine and kind and now I know why.  I have officially met MattView full post »

Families | The Dubbs Family

Gosh this family was great!  I’m so blessed that I seem to always get to work with such amazing people who areView full post »

Families | The Poss Family

I couldn’t get over how beautiful, adorable, and sweet the Poss girls are!  The whole session I seriously couldnView full post »

Families | The Rish Family

I am the youngest of 3 girls in my family so when I met the Rish girls it just reminded me of my childhood.  SistersView full post »

Senior | GI Northwest McKenzie

I had so much fun with McKenzie! She is not only gorgeous but so sweet.  She is so much natural beauty is made for anView full post »

Families | The Ruybalids Extended

This family has been friends of ours since I can remember!  We love tennis and they love tennis, so that is what alwaysView full post »

Families | The Green Family

Marissa seriously has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!  She is just so beautiful and it’s not hard toView full post »

Families | The Gillespie’s

I absolutely love this family.  Not only are they close family, they are our friends and we couldn’t be moreView full post »

Families | The Burg Family

Katie was one of the first faces I saw my freshman year at UNL and I’m so thankful I did.  We had a blast and gotView full post »

Babies | Week Old Tenley

Newborns always amaze me and I forget how tiny they really are.  Tenley slept the whole session in the 98 degree heatView full post »

Families | The Eriksens

Isn’t this family gorgeous?  They were all so easy to edit because I didn’t have to really do much.  AllView full post »

Families | The Olson Family

This family is just so great, so nice, and I feel like I know them when in reality I have only met them twice.  Ohh andView full post »

Families | The Brommers

This is sweet Kendall and I seriously couldn’t get over her gorgeous blue eyes.  She is just so beautiful andView full post »

Families | The McQuillans

I met Heather in High School and she was always a girl that you could just tell had a really good heart.  InView full post »


Katie - Great website Lindsay I love your work!!


Senior | Morgan

I had a blast at Morgan’s session.   She was just so cool, sweet, and easy going.  And after spending some time with her mom, it’s easy to see where she got it all from.  We had beautiful light and I had a beautiful subject, so it made for a great night.  Thank you so much for choosing me to do your senior photos Morgan!