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Hello! Below is Some Recent Work.


My Girls

These photos aren’t perfect but looking at them with my “mommy goggles” I couldn’t be more proudView full post »

Families | The Ellwanger Family

I seriously about died when I saw Hadley.  She is probably one of the cutest little things I have ever seen!  And sheView full post »

Stylized Session | Evan and her Horse

I was super excited for this session.  I mean the beautiful black horse, Evan’s gorgeous dress, flower band,View full post »

Families | Jack & His Mommy

Anyone who has met this mommy once knows how amazing she is!  And her little guy is all boy and seriously adorable.  IView full post »

Senior | Morgan

I had a blast at Morgan’s session.   She was just so cool, sweet, and easy going.  And after spending some timeView full post »

Families | The Hostetlers

I was super excited for this session.  The light was beautiful and I got to spend time with a friend and her adorableView full post »

Families | The Robinsons

My goodness, these little boys were so adorable!   Seriously so cute and that little Corbyn had such a fun personalityView full post »

Families | The Lute Sisters

How cool is this?  I just loved that these three sisters wanted to take these photos!  It was such a fun session andView full post »

Kiddos | Josslyn & Evee

Yep!  I think I might have the cutest nieces ever!  I always look forward to take photos of my family.  Just loveView full post »

Babies | 6 Month Old Rowan

Seriously, cutest baby ever! Believe or not, it was pretty cold when we quickly did Rowan’s session and a stormView full post »

Babies | 10 Day Old Drake

Ohh my goodness I couldn’t get over how tiny and adorable little Drake was.  I was so grateful and super nervousView full post »

Families | The Feik Family

IWe had such a beautiful sunset evening for the Feik session!  They were up for anything, including a muddy river atView full post »

Kiddos | The Corman Kiddos

What a great start to the 4th of July holiday with these adorable kiddos!  I swear as they grow they even get moreView full post »

Families | The Olsen Family

This was such a fun session for me!  And I say for me, because I don’t always know what my clients think but IView full post »

Kiddos | Brecken

I just love taking pictures of family.  It’s such a great excuse to see them and I love editing them.  BreckenView full post »

Families | The Rupp Family

Ohh my goodness, isn’t this such a gorgeous mama and child?  I was super excited for this session.  The RuppsView full post »

Maternity | The Atwoods

I had so much fun at this session!  Beth took us to some gorgeous private land and I was in heaven!!  The Atwoods areView full post »

Families | The Abramson Family

I got to meet the Abramson family last Friday and it was a blast.  They were all so sweet and laid back and luckily weView full post »

Families | The Witte Family

This was the first time I met the Witte family and I have to say they are just so awesome!  I had so much fun at thisView full post »

Families | The Nothern Family

This session was super fun for me!  I just love families with 3 little girls because it’s the same dynamics IView full post »

Families | The Poss Ladies

Aren’t these ladies just gorgeous?  You can certainly see where they got it from.  I have seriously never met aView full post »

Babies | 3 Month Old Atley

Ohh my goodness, cutest 3 month old baby ever!  Atley is just gorgeous!  That amazing hair and those big eyes, she isView full post »

Families | The Griebel Family

Aren’t these two little guys the cutest?  Not only that, they are so well-behaved and sweet.  Thank you so muchView full post »

Families | The McConahay Family

Gosh, that little Zoey had literally just turned two and she was talking to me in full sentences.  I just couldn’View full post »

BABIES | 12 Day Old Eva

“Every good and perfect gift is from above” James 1:17a  Little Eva couldn’t have been more good orView full post »

Families | Kyle, Heather, and Hadlei

One month until these two tie the knot and I couldn’t be more happy for them!  Just love Kyle and so happy heView full post »

Families | The Daake Family

Gosh, isn’t this little guy so adorable?  And at 6 months he really has a big personality and literally did notView full post »

Families | The Sellers

I was super excited and nervous for this session!  It is always great to be asked to take another photographer’sView full post »

Families | The Romatzke Family

I really look forward to any session with this family.  They are both so easy going and just really kind people.  AndView full post »

Babies | 10 Day Old Kamrath Twins

This was my first newborn twin session so needless to say I was super excited and super nervous.  These sweet babiesView full post »

Families | The Hock Family

I always look forward to seeing this family.  Brittany is a really good friend from high school and I love every excuseView full post »

Families | The Serbousek Family

Isn’t this family just gorgeous?  I think Anna is probably the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen.  View full post »

Babies | Kaden!

Kaden was the cutest!  He has these huge round gorgeous blue eyes and blond hair and had so many cute expressions.  View full post »

Babies | Marissa is One!

I can honestly say this little lady is one of my most photogenic clients.  Not only is she super adorable, she also hasView full post »

Babies | Jack is One & Adorable

Isn’t this little guy so adorable?  In his jeans and lil’ Sperrys.  It got pretty cold at the end of ourView full post »

Babies | 13 Day Old Chance

This session was so much fun for me!  Chance slept so good and even when he was awake, he just looked around all cuteView full post »

Babies | 11 Day Old Atley

Atley was so tiny and seriously one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen!  She had gorgeous dark hair and  IView full post »

Babies | Sweet Maya

Isn’t Maya adorable?  I just loved all her expressions!   We had to be quick because she was fast and didn’View full post »

Babies | Mason is One!

Mason is ONE! And isn’t he adorable??  His whole session he was smiling and didn’t care what we put him inView full post »

2013 | Looking back

Gosh, I reflect back on my first year and just feel so blessed and fortunate to be here.   Taking pictures of familiesView full post »

Kiddos | The Corman Children

I have always gotten pretty excited when these kiddos’s mother has contacted me to do photos for them.  First,View full post »

Babies | 13 Day Old Aiden

This little guy did wonderful and slept for almost 2 hours!  I didn’t want the session to end; it was so much funView full post »

Babies | 11 Day old Rowan

I really just love this family.  Maura is one of my favorite people and I always look forward to seeing her and now sheView full post »

Babies | Evie turns 1!

Well I don’t think Evie thought much of the studio but she sure looked pretty dang cute.  This age just makes meView full post »

Babies | 3 Day Old Maxon

Ohh my goodness Maxon was so tiny, adorable, and already loved his momma.  And he has some big sisters that really loveView full post »

Families | The Quandts

This was such a fun session!  The Quandt kiddos are just so dang cute, fun, and did whatever I asked and above!  WeView full post »

Families | The Edward Family

I was super excited for this session because I just love this family and the weather was amazing so late in the yearView full post »

Families | The Hudnalls

I just think the world of this family.  Kara and Chad are both so kind and welcoming and AMAZING parents.  It wasView full post »

Families | The Seim Family

I just love this family and always so excited to take their photos.  Maddox couldn’t be more fun and adorable andView full post »

Families | The McMahon-Lenz Family

I don’t think I have met a more tight knit family.  They have been through it all and are so blessed to have eachView full post »

Babies | Lil’ Ben

This little guy was just so cute!!  I had to resist from squeezing him the whole session.  (I try not to touch babiesView full post »

Families | The Gewecke Family

I just couldn’t get over how cute the Gewecke girls were and just loved their outfits.  It was really cold andView full post »

Families | The Maders

Doesn’t this look like so much fun!!  Four super sweet little girls.  I was so excited for this session.  JustView full post »

Families | The Dutoit Family

I just think Dutoit kiddos are so adorable and all have their own “look” and personality!  The boys are soView full post »

Families | The Romshek Family

This is my beautiful cousin and her sweet little family.  It’s so fun to see your good friends become moms andView full post »

Families | The Stoll Family

This family was a hoot!  Usually I start off sessions with posed photos until we all get comfortable enough to getView full post »

Families | The Ostrand Family Extended

Gosh this family was awesome.  They are the kind of family that when they meet for the holidays or whatever, you knowView full post »

Families | The Cormans

4 month old twins and a 2 year old!  I can’t imagine how busy these parents lives are yet they make it look soView full post »

Families | The Mooberrys

We had a cloudy day, really cold wind, freezing little boys, and one that was TERRIFIED of me (Teddy) and this is whatView full post »

Families | The Geist Family

I was really looking forward to this session.  I lived with Katie my freshman year in collage and I don’t knowView full post »

Families | Victor/Green Family

When I met Matt and Katie I knew they were just super genuine and kind and now I know why.  I have officially met MattView full post »

Families | The Dubbs Family

Gosh this family was great!  I’m so blessed that I seem to always get to work with such amazing people who areView full post »

Families | The Poss Family

I couldn’t get over how beautiful, adorable, and sweet the Poss girls are!  The whole session I seriously couldnView full post »

Families | The Rish Family

I am the youngest of 3 girls in my family so when I met the Rish girls it just reminded me of my childhood.  SistersView full post »

Senior | GI Northwest McKenzie

I had so much fun with McKenzie! She is not only gorgeous but so sweet.  She is so much natural beauty is made for anView full post »

Families | The Ruybalids Extended

This family has been friends of ours since I can remember!  We love tennis and they love tennis, so that is what alwaysView full post »

Families | The Green Family

Marissa seriously has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!  She is just so beautiful and it’s not hard toView full post »

Families | The Gillespie’s

I absolutely love this family.  Not only are they close family, they are our friends and we couldn’t be moreView full post »

Families | The Burg Family

Katie was one of the first faces I saw my freshman year at UNL and I’m so thankful I did.  We had a blast and gotView full post »

Babies | Week Old Tenley

Newborns always amaze me and I forget how tiny they really are.  Tenley slept the whole session in the 98 degree heatView full post »

Families | The Eriksens

Isn’t this family gorgeous?  They were all so easy to edit because I didn’t have to really do much.  AllView full post »

Families | The Olson Family

This family is just so great, so nice, and I feel like I know them when in reality I have only met them twice.  Ohh andView full post »

Families | The Brommers

This is sweet Kendall and I seriously couldn’t get over her gorgeous blue eyes.  She is just so beautiful andView full post »

Families | The McQuillans

I met Heather in High School and she was always a girl that you could just tell had a really good heart.  InView full post »


Katie - Great website Lindsay I love your work!!